Unlocking Seamless Integration with 20 Years of SAP Expertise

Welcome to our integration powerhouse, where we specialize in delivering cutting-edge integration solutions that bridge the gap between SAP, non-SAP systems, and the latest integration technologies like SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP). Our mission is to streamline your business processes, enabling data to flow effortlessly and facilitating decision-making with real-time insights.

With a rich history spanning 20 years, we have witnessed the transformation of SAP Exchange Infrastructure (SAP XI) into Process Integration (SAP PI) and then into SAP Process Orchestration (SAP PO) and beyond. Our profound understanding of integration technologies is the cornerstone of our commitment to crafting tailored solutions that meet your unique business needs. We offer expertise across various dimensions of integration:

We offer expertise across various dimensions of integration:

SAP to SAP Integration

Seamlessly connect your SAP systems, enabling them to communicate, share data, and operate harmoniously. We have extensive experience in creating integration scenarios that optimize business processes and enhance efficiency.

Non-SAP to SAP Integration

Integration is not limited to SAP environments. We specialize in connecting non-SAP systems, ensuring that your entire IT landscape collaborates seamlessly. Whether it’s CRM, Salesforce, or other applications, we can integrate them with your SAP ecosystem.

SAP to Non-SAP Integration

Extend the reach of your SAP systems by connecting them with non-SAP platforms. We can help you integrate with e-commerce platforms, partner systems, or any other external systems to enhance your business operations.

SAP to Non-SAP Integration

In addition to our deep experience, we stay at the forefront of SAP’s latest integration technologies, including the SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP). With BTP, we can create advanced integration scenarios, harnessing capabilities like:

SAP Integration Suite

Seamlessly connect SAP and non-SAP applications, data, and processes. SAP Integration Suite offers pre-built integrations, connectivity, and data orchestration for rapid integration development.

SAP Open Connectors

Easily integrate with popular non-SAP applications such as Salesforce, Slack, and Microsoft Dynamics through a unified and standardized API.

SAP Cloud Platform Integration

Extend your integration capabilities to the cloud with SAP Cloud Platform Integration. It offers pre-built connectors, adaptors, and APIs for various applications.

SAP API Management

Manage your APIs effectively and securely, allowing you to expose, publish, and monitor APIs for SAP and non-SAP systems.

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